Why it all started

I began my journey in web development 21 years ago and it’s an incredibly different landscape now. Web design is no longer enough; we’re designing experiences, digital touchpoints that demand instant access to information, communication and quality, through so many mediums. Emails, apps, web pages, brand stories, games, experiential marketing… if you miss a beat, you miss a sale. So, having a digital partner who can take care of you, while you take care of your business, is essential.

I started Midas Select because I want to change how digital design and businesses interact. Engaging in sustainable value creation from root level through to deployment and after-sales, we have the proven ability to accelerate business growth through strategies infused with positive user experiences and interface designs.


Your house

Imagine a beautiful house. It’s got large windows so there’s lots of light; fully furnished with a cosy living room, a spacious kitchen and every bedroom is a master! Now imagine that the house has no doors. There’s no way to invite people in to experience it’s warmth and beauty.

Your website as a doorway to your company. One of the ways in which your customers get to experience your brand. It has to be positioned correctly; in a way that actually guides them through your house, and doesn’t just lead them to the garden shed!



What value would a new website add to your business? It should be an investment, right? It should contribute to your revenue stream. You want your site to pay for itself and then some!

Our approach includes discovering your project’s complete potential; really explore its purpose, its business sense and uncover its true worth. Then, we define your customers and their journeys; all the ways that they’ll interact with you and your brand. And we build the project for them.