Domain Names and Hosting

So you’re looking into setting up a website. Great plan! Your online presence is incredibly important to your business; whether it’s as big as a shopping website or as concise as an information brochure, it’s always a great investment for a business to have a website available to it’s customers.

And with the right advice, it doesn’t have to be an expensive investment! You don’t need to be a wizz-kid to get your business up and running online. Below is a quick guide on what you might need depending on the type of website you’re setting up.

If you’ve read below and you’re still confused, or perhaps you’d rather leave it to the experts, then don’t hesitate to give Michael a call on +353 (0)-857-228-548 and he’ll put you on the right track!


Domain Name

Most likely this is a step you’ve already been thinking about. Your Domain Name is the web address that people will type into their browser in order to visit your website.

For example, this website’s Domain Name is When choosing a Domain Name, try to pick something that you think your visitors will remember easily; something unambiguous and directly related to your company, services or branding.

To see if the domain name you’re looking for is available check out:

Web Hosting

Once you’ve chosen your Domain Name, you’ll need to organise your web hosting. This is where your website’s files will be held so that they’re accessible to the public. Midas Select is partnered with LetsHost; an Irish based company with offices in Dublin and Galway.

Letshost - Web Hosting