Who are Midas Select?

We are business people and parents. We are coffee lovers and adventurists. We are developers and experts; entrepreneurs and players. We do things differently.

Your business needs your undivided attention. Designing a website, managing updates and hosting are not things that you should worry about while you focus on your business. Luckily, that’s the part we like. And we’re damn good at it, too.

King Midas

What we do

We design, build and manage websites. While you’re focusing on running your business, we’re keeping your site online, secure and up-to-date. We specialise in hosting and maintaining WordPress sites and are backed by powerful, industry-leading tools.

  • Secure Hosting – SSL encryption included as standard

  • Management – WordPress core files tested and kept up-to-date

  • Monthly payments – All inclusive pay-as-you-go monthly fee

After hours

Who we work with

Like us, our clients are no stranger to the hard graft. They’re entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, inventors and disrupters; building something from nothing. Changing how society sees their industry; peddling products that will change the world; growing an empire from a back-of-a-napkin idea on a Sunday afternoon.

If the above resonates with you, then you should get in touch. Let’s see what we can build together!

Let’s make something

Why choose us?

If you’re currently looking for a reliable digital team to partner with, then you already know that it’s a crowded marketplace; there’s a lot of competition out there.. And you’ve got a choice to make. We believe our experience, direct approach and personal attitude separates us from the status quo.

Take the road less travelled